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Choosing a boiler is a decision not based on price alone. With Viessmann an investment in quality is never lost.

The Viessmann Vitola-biferral was specifically designed for modulating boiler water temperatures without low limit. Conventional boilers must be kept at a minimum water temperature even when no heat is required to avoid flue gas condensation. Maintaining boiler water temperature is costly and inefficient.

The Vitola-biferral has sandwiched heating surfaces: inside - cast iron/outside - steel. The ring-shaped cast iron elements with radial fins always maintain higher temperatures than steel surfaces, effectively preventing flue gas condensation. When no heat is required, the boiler can cool down completely and cold-start.

The combustion chamber of a Viessmann Vitola boiler is not water cooled, but is instead "dry" and made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The chamber heats within seconds and creates a clean combustion. The cast iron heat transfer surfaces are exposed for direct transfer of heat, reducing the flame temperature and lowering the Nitric Oxide emissions contributing towards environmental protection.

For single Vitola-biferral installations, the optional electronic indoor/outdoor control system "Trimatik" is available complete with high limits, outdoor sensor and set back timer to adjust precisely to your comfort and changing weather conditions.

Domestic Hot Water Supply - Hygienically Produced at High Steady Recovery Rates

The VertiCell-HG stainless steel hot water storage tank (tank and large diameter heat exchanger coil made of high grade stainless steel) is hygienic and service life is practically unlimited.

The coil design and placement within the tank offers optimized heat transfer and uniform heating of the tank volume practically without temperature stratification. An inspection and clean-out opening allows for fast access to the storage tank. The effective Polyurethane foam insulation reduces stand-by loss to a negligible amount.

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