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Radiant Heat Benefits

Rullie Plumbing and Radiant Heating is a leading manufacturer and supplier of radiant heating. If you are considering anew heating system, Rullie radiant heat offers many added value benefits not found with other systems. Consider these advantages and discover for yourself why leading companies in the building industry choose Rullie ...

  • No radiators means more style and space
    You can place furniture where you want it, not where radiators dictate.
  • Lower heating bills
    The HeatProfile System is a more efficient way to heat your rooms. Radiant Heat produces even temperatures throughout the room. thereby eliminating "cold spots" and wasted energy. Significant fuel bill savings can be expected.
  • More comfort in your home
    With HeatProfile, you don't get the convection currents that you get with conventional radiators so the heat is more even. This means less draughts and more comfort.
  • Controllable Warmth
    The HeatProfile Radiant Skirting heating System is more responsive to temperature demand than an underfloor system. Individual room thermostats give you more control over your home environment.
  • A healthier environment for your family
    The combination of lower convection currents means less airborne dust, carpet fibres and allergen. resulting in a healthier environment in which to live.
  • Easier to keep clean
    Cleaning the HeatProfile Radiant Skirting System is quick and easy. Just wipe with a damp cloth.

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